Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Roller

$4.99 $26

Rock & Roll. Take Down Oil & Shine. It’s Volcanic.

Removes Oil & Shine

Like blotting paper, but better. Volcanic stone rolls across face to soak up excess oil instantly for fresh, shine-free skin any time.

On-the-Go Oil Control

Perfectly portable and lightweight. Drop it in your bag for quick, on-the-go oil control and shine-free skin. Look fresh and get matte in a flash.


Volcanic Stone

The magic’s in the real volcanic stone. Its unique absorbing properties soak up oil like a magnet and mattify your skin instantly.



Reusable & Washable

Unlike blotting papers, it’s reusable. To clean, twist ring and pull out the stone. Wash with gentle cleanser, rinse, air-dry, and pop it back in.

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